Chamber of Echoes are a Los Angeles-based musical project that combines live performance, costume design, video projections and visual art. Touching on themes of futurism, science fiction, conspiracies and consciousness, the sound of COE is a cross-breed of electronic and organic; Dark cinematic soundscapes borrow from the synth wave, industrial breaks, and alternative dance genres and thread them together with celestial female vocals, heavy rock and orchestral arrangements.

Chamber of Echoes represent a group of those who are here on Earth now for a special mission; to break down the dysfunctional global systems that no longer serve us, and cause its listeners to wake up and question the illusions we are surrounded with in this reality. They are a force to be reckoned with, a positive force with a rebellious and warrior-like spirit, who seek to inspire and enlighten those who they impact.

Inspired by the cinematic grittiness and complex arrangements of Trent Reznor, The Glitch Mob and Celldweller, COE also borrow from the alternative dance and retro-futuristic sensibilities of Nero and Depeche Mode. Chamber of Echoes have put out 2 albums and multiple singles to date, with a current album soon to be released.

No stranger to press, COE have gained recognition through numerous sources such as Music Connection Magazine, OC Rock Radio, Time Warner Cable, OC Weekly, The Orange County Register, LA Weekly, Bloody Disgusting, FEARnet, ReGen Music Magazine, Alternative Revolt Music Magazine, and Gothic Beauty Magazine. They have received numerous awards and topped the charts at BEAT100, and several international terrestrial and online radio stations, music blogs, and podcasts such as 97.7 The Beach, 89.3 KCUR FM, 91.7 KOOP, and 93.5 CHMR FM. Chamber of Echoes was also nominated for “Best Electronica Artist” at the AIMA’s, nominated for Glam Magazine’s Future Icon, and Klaryssa won “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” from Sunset Island Music. They have been privileged to work with Jay Baumgardener, Jay Gordon, Ted Phelps, Nikk Dibbs, and John Tempesta. Their first official music video for “World of Silence” was directed and produced by critically acclaimed director and photographer Chad Michael Ward. Live, Chamber of Echoes strives to create an environment to awaken the senses, influenced by performance art and theater, with audience interaction and captivating visuals .

Having already focused on performing around the Southern California area, and playing selections from past albums “Unbound and Set Free” , and “Asylum”, Chamber of Echoes recently completed a national US tour playing selections from their upcoming concept album “World of Silence”. They have currently taken time away from the stage to wrap up final embellishments in studio on “World of Silence”, and stay busy creating fresh daily content, as well as new visual art, costumes, and experimental instrumentation for their upcoming performances. COE hope to create a world in which one can immerse themselves fully; to get lost on a mind opening astral journal, all senses firing, freeing themselves through dance, uninhibited consciousness and raw emotion.

Chamber of Echoes are:

Klaryssa Korolenkov: Vocals, Programming, Songwriting, Production, Synth, Percussion, Mixing, Mastering, Art Direction, Visual Art

Jeffrey Myers: Songwriting, Mastering, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Art Direction

Tim Rosales III: Songwriting, Guitar, Percussion, Traktor DJ, Art Direction


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Phone: +1 714 926 8272

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