New Single “Limitless”

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Hey Everyone,

As we promised, we have a special present for you guys today! We are giving away a free download of our new song “Limitless”.

In preparation for our album release, we are going to begin releasing free singles one at a time. It’s been a very long time since our last full length album release, about 4 years to be exact, but with good reason.

4 years ago, we almost had our album “World of Silence” complete. Unfortunately because of a break-in, our main computer, all of our sessions, backup files, and backup hard drives were stolen. We literally lost EVERYTHING. We knew we had to recreate it.

Fast forward 2 years later, we were working with a wonderful producer, and again, “World of Silence” was ALMOST complete. Near the end of the production of the album, we got the bad news that the hard disk on his computer had been corrupted, and his back up drive with all of the sessions had been fried from a power surge. Again, everything was lost except for a few MP3s of the mixes he had sent to us in our e-mail. Absolute devastation.

Now here we are today. We have recreated this album for the THIRD TIME ;) But not all is lost because now our music has evolved to something greater than we could have foreseen. I guess third time’s a charm, right?

The track above, “Limitless”, was one of the last salvageable files remaining from our second time recreating this album. We decided to keep it as is, and not try to recreate it, because a lot of sound design and work went into producing it that would be hard to replicate. We took the file, cleaned it up, and now are giving it to you, because we didn’t want something with so much meaning to us to go unheard.

We hope you enjoy it. Thank you everyone for your support through the years, and for sticking by us through and through. Though it has been a long time, we promise this album will be worth the wait. Everything happens for a reason.

Chamber of Echoes

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