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QUESTION #1:How long has C.O.E been together and who is the founder?

Tim: COE has been around for 20,000 years since the creation of the first adamic race.

Klaryssa: (Laughs at Tim’s response) I’m the creative force behind Chamber of Echoes that started it all. I started posting my own music online around 2006, but I didn’t really call my music project “Chamber of Echoes” until about 2008. I wanted it to be more than just digital music, or a generic rock band, but a multi-media sensory experience complete with art, fashion and visuals as well. Finally in 2010, it emerged as a live act when I felt I had all the right people to bring it to life on stage.


QUESTION #2: Can you talk about how you created the sound that you have?

Klaryssa: The sound has really started to evolve into something completely different from where I originally started.  When I released my first EP “Unbound and Set Free + Under Lock and Key” in late 2009, it was my dual-disc musical testimony of how music is made commercialized when you work with a “major label” team, and then the same set of songs as they were originally before I worked with that group of people; a very underground dark electronic sound, which isn’t necessarily considered marketable by mainstream standards. I then released a 4-track EP in 2010 titled “Asylum” which was more alt-metal/industrial based, and it told the story of mental illness and release. Now I’ve had some time off to really develop my songwriting, arranging and production/engineering abilities, and present a full album that is basically my “all or nothing”. Before I was swayed under the artistic direction from other producers of “what I SHOULD be doing”. I was being made to pull from too many different influences, or influences they thought were going to make me money and sales, instead of true artistic vision. The sound now is more fast-paced and cinematic, with pop song structure influences and vocal hooks, but is also synth heavy and industrial influenced. The songs are very theatrical, but also could be played at any club, and are mainstream friendly, but still cater to the underground.

Jeffrey: You could say we have 2 sounds, one that’s recorded and one when we play as a live band. Klaryssa writes most of the music in her studio using pro tools and logic,the piano and various software plugins.


QUESTION #3:What were/are your influences in the beginning and now?

Klaryssa: I listen to a lot of different types of music, and before, I was putting a little but of everything I liked into my work. Anything from

electronic/industrial, to synthpop, mixed in with some alternative metal and a dash of dance-rock. I was pulling from a lot of different types of bands, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, Depeche Mode, even Incubus and Garbage. Now, I’m more genre focused, and have a more narrow-minded perspective for what I want to do which is actually better, because the new songs for our upcoming album “World of Silence” are a cohesive body of work. Everything matches, and fits together instead of being a little bit of this and that. You could say this new genre for the upcoming album is “Industrial Pop/Rocktronica”. Something I’ve also changed is incorporating the mainstream song structures and hooks popular in the club hits of RIGHT NOW. I listen to a lot of what’s popular on the Billboard Charts, not because I necessarily like whats being played, but because I’m studying it and how I can apply it to my music to make it more accessible to a wide range of listeners. The fans are everything.


Jeffrey: I’ve liked goth and industrial bands since I was an early teen and I remember when I saw Skinny Puppy’s “Aint It Dead Yet”  live, I told myself “I wanna do that when I’m in a band!”. I’m really into bands that are not “just bands” but almost like performance art, i.e.: Skinny Puppy, Einsturzende Neubauten, Marilyn Manson…


QUESTION #4: The visual aspect of your live shows seems to be a huge part of the overall presentation. How do you incorporate art and creativity into your music?

Klaryssa: I am a natural-born visual artist, and I also have a extensive background in art training, theater, and theatrical production. I think something that’s missing in today’s acts is creating a total environment for the listener to immerse themselves into. Only a few artists out there signed to big labels or labels that give them creative control really have the ability to create a dynamic stage show. So what I am trying to accomplish is creating an arena size show on a small scale; a multi-sensory experience both online and offline that encompasses music, art, fashion, and visuals. I’m personally influenced by the artists Zdzislaw Beksinski, Joel Peter-Witkin, Kris Kuksi, and H.R. Giger, so I try to incorporate their styling, feel and color choices into our work. During our performances we ALWAYS wear costumes… very artistic… something that usually evokes a post-apocalyptic era, or industrial goth haute couture. I always have an extremely different look…it’s crazy that people can actually recognize me from show to show! I have a vast collection of different colored wigs I wear on stage, and two huge cases of every type of makeup you can think of to always create an interesting look. Very Visual-Kei. We are working on visual projections to be streamed during live performances that either contain my artwork, the art of other band members, or film clips from old 8mm films. We’re also creating custom-designed stage lighting to create a scene while we perform, very Joel Peter-Witkin influenced, as well as custom gear stands with hydraulics and machinery. Online in our forum on www.chamberofechoes.com, we encourage fans to participate in this new creative movement we are trying to create, by posting their personal artwork, poetry, fashion designs, films, remixes, whatever they choose!

Tim: Art is incorporated into everything we do, from the costumes, to the music, to the visuals etc. You can’t be an artist if you aren’t creative. Art is our Lifestyle, we live it.


QUESTION #5: You mentioned that you will have a different live setup for future shows, can you explain?

Jeffrey: We plan on finding things like oil drums or crazy stuff to attach drum triggers for Klaryssa and I to use to create a more improvisational sound. Like the Blue Man Group…lol…just kidding…

Tim: From laser light shows, to flamethrowers, pyrotechnics and giant elephants!!

Klaryssa: (Laughs) For our given genre, rooted in electronic/industrial, we are actually quite performance-heavy. Many bands of this genre rely strictly on electronics, live tracks with only 2 members, or what they play is extremely minimalistic. We do have tracks live, but we ALL play instruments pretty much the whole time; some members do spot vocals with me…I work mainly with keys and synths, and will soon be working with pads and triggers in addition to lead vocals. I have to jump back and forth a lot! Everyone in this current lineup is multi-instrumental as well as multi-talented in the visual arts area. In addition to all the visuals elements I described above, we like to really put on a good show by trying to do as many things live as possible. We plan on integrating MIDI triggers into oil drums for percussion, using KAOSS pads for filters and live vocoder effects,samplers in future shows,ect. The sound guy at every venue always look a bit overwhelmed when they read our setup list of requirements (laughs). But we always manage to make it happen and put on a fun energetic live show.


QUESTION #6:You described your interests as “dark fairy tales and destroying things…” Can you elaborate?

Klaryssa: That quote was given when the sound was at a very different point in time, but it can still be applied today. It’s a balance of feminine and masculine. I’m a female amongst a group of male musicians, in a heavily male-dominated musical genre. There aren’t many females in industrial music, and when you truly think of industrial music, it’s very aggressive, powerful, dark, sometimes harsh. My music brings a balance of feminine softness , and a feminine voice (fairytales) to masculine harshness (destroying things).


QUESTION #7: Tell us about your upcoming album.

Klaryssa: In early 2012 we will be releasing our first full-length album “World of Silence. There is not a release date down to the specific day as of yet; i’m a perfectionist and want to put out something we are ALL proud of and that I know the audience will love. “World of Silence” is going to be my “Downward Spiral” of Chamber of Echoes albums. It’s going to have all my blood, sweat and tears put into it, and this time I’m not holding back in the way I produce, compose, the vocal styles I choose to sing, or in what I choose to write about. I’m reaching out to my members collaboratively, which is a first for me, working as co-writers on some of the songs. We’re all on the same page, and they can take my musical ideas to different avenues. I like my boundaries pushed. Some of the common themes will deal with social control, emotional freedom, the music industry, escapism, the paranormal, identity, empowerment, and all loss of inhibitions but with a romantic twist. This will pretty much be a positive album, easily remix-able, dance-able, fast-paced and not to mention catchy :) Our future shows will contain mostly songs from this album, and a new look as well as new visuals will accompany it. We are in the process of website re-design, costume re-design, forming new visuals, filming an official music video and posting teaser trailers of the album on Youtube to generate hype and excitement. It’s a mix of industrial/electronic rock, with pop vocals/pop song structures, catchy hooks, dance, and cinematic film scoring.

Jeffrey: This album has a much different sound then the previous music. It definitely leans toward a more industrial/pop electronic sound, but it’s definitely a more evolved sound. There’s a lot of good hooks and it’s very catchy! The live versions of the songs for our shows are great and utilize all the different members’ strengths and talents.


QUESTION #8: What would you like your fans to know that they probably don’t already?

Klaryssa: I named my puppies after Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor, so their names are Nailz and Reznor! I’m also really into Metaphysics, buying and researching obsolete synthesizers, cartoons, video games and COFFEE.

Jeffrey: We think of ourselves as much more than just “musicians wanting to put out albums”. We want to do a lot with our music. We also absolutely love and adore our fans and nothing makes our hard work more worthwhile than meeting our fans. We love talking to people at our shows, and hearing all the support we get from fans on all the social media sites really helps us keep going.

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